[eu-fo-nì-a]: a program to automatically compute euphonic phenomena in the Italian language
Andrea Consalvi(@)

KU Leuven Libraries Artes and Digital Scholarship
Leah Budke(+), Laura Mesotten, Nele Noppe and Demmy Verbeke

VIEW @ KU Leuven: Core Facility for Heritage Science and Digitisation Technologies in context of new approaches for the study of heritage materials
Lieve Watteeuw, Bruno Vandermeulen, Ward Ward De Pril and Hendrik Hameeuw(+)

DH Virtual Discussion Group for Early Career Researchers
Leah Budke(+), Julie M. Birkholz(+), Margherita Fantoli(+) and Merisa Martínez

To harvest or not to harvest? The importance of legal advice in BESOCIAL
Fien Messens(@), Lise-Anne Denis(@), Alejandra Michel, Eva Rolin, Patrick Watrin, Julie M. Birkholz, Sally Chambers, Friedel Geeraert, Peter Mechant, Eveline Vlassenroot, Pieter Heyvaert and Sophie Vandepontseele

Stories in Motion. Disseminating the CLARIAH Media Suite through community oral history
Norah Karrouche(+) and Marjan Beijering

Computational Literary Studies Infrastructure (CLSINFRA): a H2020 Research Infrastructure Project that aids to connect researchers, data, and methods
Julie Birkholz Tess Dejaeghere(+), Ingo Börner, Sally Chambers, Silvie Cinková, Karina van Dalen-Oskam, Julia Dudar, Maciej Eder, Jennifer Edmond, Michal Kren, Michal Mrugalski, Ciara L. Murphy, Carolin Odebrecht, Eliza Papaki, Marco Raciti, Lisanne van Rossum, Christof Schöch, Artjoms Šela, Justin Tonra, Erzsébet Tóth-Czifra, Peer Trilcke and Vicky Garnett

Scholar-Curated Worksets for Analysis, Reuse & Dissemination (SCWAReD) from the HathiTrust Research Center
Ryan Dubnicek(+), Isabella Magni, John A. Walsh, J. Stephen Downie, Maryemma Graham and Glen Layne-Worthey

Library Labs at KBR: Digital Research Lab, CAMille, Data Science Lab and LabEL
Julie Birkholz(+), Brecht Deseure, Isabelle Gribomont(@) and Tan Lu

Sorry, I Don’t Follow You: The Translation of Donald Trump’s Tweets in Dutch Newspaper De Volkskrant
Elise van Berkum(@)

OCR error detection and post-correction with Word2vec and BERTje on Dutch historical data
Nynke Van T Hof(+), Vera Provatorova(+), Mirjam Cuper(+) and Evangelos Kanoulas


Meaning-based querying of historical corpora with MacBERTh
Lauren Fonteyn(+) & Enrique Manjavacas        

FAME video browser – face recognition based metadata generation for performing art videos
Kenzo Milleville, Alec Van Den Broeck, Rony Vissers, Bart Magnus, Nastasia Vanderperren, Astrid Vergauwe, Ellen Van Keer, Tom Ruette and Steven Verstockt(@)    

NewspAIper: AI-Based Metadata Enrichment of Historical Newspaper Collections
Dilawar Ali(+), Kenzo Milleville(+), Alec Van den Broeck(+) and Steven Verstockt(+)       

What we learned from preparing for a Linked Open Data hackathon: Experiences from a first timer team of the KB, national library of the Netherlands
Olaf Janssen(@), Mirjam Cuper(+), Thomas Haighton, Martijn Pluim, Roosmarijn de Groot, Daniëlle Jansen and Lotte van den Eertwegh